Since 1990 Van Halteren Defence produces and supplies military simulation systems. The Howitzer Crew Trainers are used in many countries worldwide and realize significant added value for the Van Halteren Defence customers, especially in bridging the 'gap' between theory and 'live firing'.

Van Halteren Defence has developed the technology in the 1990’s and has supplied training systems to many international customers. This work has been based on the M109 (NL, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Thailand, Jordan, Morocco) and has been extended to the US M198, Singapore’s FH2000, UK’s AS90, Caesar (France) and PzH2000 (Germany).

Since the production of the first HCT systems Van Halteren continued to develop their technology in response to the increasing demands of the Training market. They have supplied and are in the process of supplying even more HCT systems to a number of European and Overseas Armies.

The HCT realistically simulates live fire situations for gun crews and battery level fire missions and makes it possible to train for every possible scenario before even one live round has been fired. These scenarios include gun drills, misfire drills, burst-rate firing, battery drills, shoot and scoot, etc. By the time the crew is ready to fire their first live round, they are already fully qualified. The use of HCT systems results in reduced training time, but increases skill levels for individuals and crews. Training costs, however, are considerably lower (75% or more) than live fire training. The Van Halteren systems are field proven for Towed Howitzers and Self Propelled Howitzers. Van Halteren continues to be at the forefront of HCT technology today.

Driven by the knowledge and experience gained from the HCT systems, Van Halteren started the development of a similar solution for training Mortar Groups. In close cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces the first MORSIM was developed in 2011. In 2015 the Dutch Defence Material Organisation have ordered 4 MORTAR training systems which will be delivered in June 2017.

Van Halteren Defence is part of the Van Halteren Group, with its headquarters in Bunschoten, the Netherlands. The Van Halteren Group is a family-owned business with activities in a number of industries organized around three business lines: Defence, High Voltage Switchgear and Industrial Services. The company employs 400 and operates several production facilities.



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